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More than Web Conferencing – a Virtual Classroom 
An All-In-One, Interactive Web Collaboration Tool for Bringing People Together

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Flexible – Better Than Meeting In-Person

With TACLAN Connect you have the ability to quickly enter or plan an online meeting for a future date. Hosts have the ability to:

See attendees with Web Conference Table video chat.
Join Webinars from any device, anywhere, anytime.
Use your teleconference system or our integrated HD quality audio.
Control meeting access, dismiss attendees; transfer files, share your screen.
Easy access and login for Mac or PC.  Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.


No limit to the number of meetings. Each plan includes the use of the full-featured TACLAN Connect Client.

Personal Plan
Up to 25 attendees per meeting.
Small Business Plan
Includes 5 concurrent presenters with up to 25 attendees per meeting.
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Enterprise Plan
Customized for your organization’s needs.  Select the number of leaders needed for your webinars, classrooms and meetings.  Designed for an organization with a need for larger attendee groups and session leaders.
Learning Plan
Includes all Enterprise Plan features with additional management capabilities for course catalog, and  registration of attendees to public and private invite only sessions.  The Learning Plan also comes with unlimited storage for your content.
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Powerful – It’s a Collaboration Not a Lecture

The product includes a variety of tools and options, allowing the user to:

  • Share the floor – switch between attendees.
  • Control screen sharing with advanced technology.
  • Synchronize web browsing for simultaneous viewing.
  • Text chat and poll attendees.
  • Exchange files securely with encryption for all meeting content.
  • Record collaborations for easy reference later
  • Schedule, invite, and notify attendees of future meetings.


Protect Your Content

Protected Content

TACLAN Connect provides true point-to-point data security with a unique combination of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies for data encryption.

Information is securely transmitted between meeting participants without reduction in network performance.

Information shared during a meeting is NOT stored on our system.

We aim to provide our customers with the most secure environment available.


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